Case Results

  • $2.25 Million Settlement
    Plaintiff v. Auto- Vicarious Liability-Multi Media Executive Company
    JRG's client was severely injured when struck by a speeding vehicle at an intersection. The adverse driver had rather minimal insurance coverage but JRG was able to make a case against the defendant's employer for vicarious liability, even though the employer did not own the vehicle. The case was settled for the available policy limits.
  • $2 Million Settlement
    M/C Traumatic Amputation v. Auto & Event Coordinators
    JRG's client suffered a traumatic amputation of his lower right leg in a motorcycle-auto collision. The defendants included the auto driver and others who allegedly contributed to causing dangerous traffic conditions on a public highway. The case posed challenges because of limited insurance coverage for the auto driver and whether the other defendants owed a duty of care to the plaintiff and breached that duty.
  • $930,000 Settlement
    Plaintiff v. Fitness Center

    JRG's client suffered a life-threatening infection of his foot as the result of bathing in the defendant's health club's spa that allegedly was not properly chlorinated. The defendant claimed that the injury was caused by other exposures and argued that the plaintiff could not prove that the water was unsafe, in part because there were no other reported incidents or injuries.

    The case settled shortly before JRG was prepared to try the case.

  • $500,000 Settlement
    Plaintiff v. Homeowner Insurance Company
    JRG's clients' high-end home was destroyed by a fire. Their insurance agent and homeowners' insurer allegedly under-insured their home due to poor property inspection and underwriting procedures. The defendants resisted the claim, filed summary judgment motions, and made minimal settlement offers before trial. The case was settled on the first day of trial after the court ruled on the parties' pre-trial motions.
  • $427,500 Settlement
    Plaintiff v. Commercial Airlines & Government Entity
    JRG's clients, an elderly couple, were injured on a passenger boarding bridge at the San Jose Airport while attempting to board their airplane. The wife was pushing her husband in a wheelchair and lost control going down the ramp and the husband was thrown from the wheelchair. The plaintiffs alleged they should have been assisted by defendants in going down the ramp and boarding the airplane. Defendants claimed the plaintiffs suffered only minor injuries and that the husband's complaints were caused by several pre-existing health problems and old age.
  • $300,000 Settlement
    Plaintiff v. Dog Owner
    JRG's client was seriously injured when she was knocked over by the defendant's dog, who was running loose after being let out of the garage. JRG argued that the defendant was negligent and violated ordinances relating to dogs. JRG negotiated a settlement for the defendant's insurance policy limits.

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