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McLaren Woodland Hills Accident


This press release is in response to the various media inquiries regarding the identity and condition of the driver injured on Thursday, November 1, 2016 in Woodland Hills when his Audi was slammed into by a speeding 2015, lime green 650 McLaren.

James Harris was driving his 2014 Audi A6 home, when one block from his destination, his Audi was broadsided by the McLaren owned and driven by 49 year old, ‘Relativity’ movie executive Kenneth Lynch. Witnesses and evidence make it appear as though Lynch and two other vehicles were “drag racing” southbound on Platt Avenue at a high rate of speed when the accident occurred. The McLaren came to rest adjacent to Hale Jr. High school’s soccer fields, where children were playing at the time of the 4:45pm accident. Police are looking for a late model black Dodge Charger and Black BMW, which vehicles were seen driving at similar high speeds as Lynch, in the apparent drag racing contest.

People familiar with Lynch and his wife Tara Lynch have acknowledged that the two apparently participate and enjoy racing their high-powered cars. The Lynch’s also own a bright yellow Ferrari. Citizens residing in the surrounding residential neighborhood have voiced many complaints over the past few years of high speed driving on Platt Avenue, including drag racing. Platt Avenue is a 25 mph school zone when children are present. Estimates of Lynch’s speed prior to the impact range from 80-100 mph. Lynch’s McLaren was demolished from the impact, with its entire front end having been destroyed. Harris’ Audi was also totaled.

Harris was taken from the scene to Northridge Hospital & Medical Center where he has remained since the incident. On Thursday, November 2, Harris underwent surgery due to serious internal injuries suffered in the accident, including a lacerated diaphragm, liver abrasions and a resulting collapsed lung. Harris also suffered several broken bones, including a broken ankle, foot and two broken ribs. One of Harris’ fractured ribs was comminuted, requiring the application of a metal plate and screws.

While Harris is expected to recover from the injuries suffered and will be released from the hospital later this week, he will be required to undergo what is expected to be extensive therapy for the next several weeks/months to regain full breathing capacity and to recover from his orthopedic injuries. It is unknown what, if any, residual effects there will be from his injuries.

Harris, 71, both resides and works In Woodland Hills. He is a certified Financial Planner and Chartered Life Underwriter and has been providing his clients with financial advice and products for over thirty years.

James Harris